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Antoine Metivier

Business Development Strategist

Building and strengthening the relationships with our partners, clients and suppliers. Providing the team with industry knowledge and best practices.

My goals:

Me in a nutshell:

Finetch enthusiast, I have spent the last 15+ years experience in defining and establishing high value partnerships. I have had the chance to work with clients and partners of all sizes in a variety of industries including igaming, travel, games and ecommerce.

I attended the Lycee International de St Germain-en-laye in British section, studied at ESSCA in Angers and trained as an auditor in Paris then quickly moved to London in 2006. I have a Master's degree in Finance and Audit.


Fun fact:

If I had a Zebra I would call it...


Antoine Metivier, Amack Consultants © Nigel Chapman Photography
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