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We like to think we’re pretty zebra here at Amack. We see our zebra as part of our team. He's the inspiration for all that we do.

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Zebras live in small herds but in new feeding grounds will join up with more small herds to form super herds. They even get together with other grazers, such as giraffes, antelope and wildebeest. We firmly believe in the power of diverse connections and like to share our network of relationships with all our clients - making more friends is good for everyone.

Be more zebra!

Here are a few things we can all learn from these stripy beasts, too:

Dazzle your audience.

Did you know the collective noun for zebras is ‘a dazzle’? We aim to dazzle as a group, too.

Refuse to be tamed.

Unlike horses and other similar beasts, Zebras cannot be domesticated. We like to think we’re house trained but we’re a bit wild, too, and we think we should all be a bit more wild occasionally. That’s when new ideas happen.

Keep moving.

Zebras migrate up to 300 miles and are constantly on the move. We also believe change is underrated, and we don’t like to let the grass grow.

Be team-focused.

Zebras form strong bonds with each other and, under attack, will form a semi-circle to face their enemy...

...but value individuals, too.

Zebras’ stripes are all different and they use this to identify each other. It’s their recognition of each other’s individuality that gives them strength as a team.

Make connections.

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We’d love to help your business.

Can we meet for a virtual coffee some time?

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