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Ileana Volpe

Business Growth Advisor

I thrive from engaging with people, generating connections and facilitating introductions.  I seek out opportunities for my team and empower the sales machinery by pre-qualifying leads and re-directing them to the right person. At the live shows my aim is not only to get new leads but also make sure that everyone that visits our booth feels good and leaves the stand with the highest positive image of the company. I want to make not only existing but also prospect-clients feel like this is the company they want to work with.

My goals:

Me in a nutshell:

Focused, committed, reliable, positive, creative.

Lead generation and management, market research, sales, event coordinator, presenter.


Fun fact:

If I had a Zebra I would call it...


Ileana Volpe, Amack Consultants © Nigel Chapman Photography
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