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Getting value from events in a post pandemic world

Make every event you attend as a business work doubly hard for you by following some simple advice and getting out ahead of the game

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Meeting new customers face to face is back on the agenda after two years of restrictions. And very pleased we are about it! But with costs increasing, particularly on travel and hospitality, companies need to ensure they get value for money from every event. Before you set off for your next show, event or conference, go through our six-point checklist to ensure you make the most of every moment.

Know what your main objective is and focus on it like a laser!

It doesn’t necessarily matter if it's not about sales leads. Your objective might be to raise awareness, launch a new product, or something else. But make sure your objective is measurable. So if you are looking for new leads, have a method set up to track them to sales or conversions. If you’re hoping to raise your profile, follow up on social media either on the day or the day after and track likes and positive comments.

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Before the event, work out your plan for after.

What will you do with any enquiries and leads? How will you follow up, both directly and on social media? Make sure the resources are in place and ready to go so you can get straight onto it once you’re on your way home.

Have something that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Turning up just isn’t enough. Be the company that delegates remember by doing something a little differently. When we at Amack Consultants worked with Neosurf, we realised that what delegates wanted most at events was excellent coffee and a nice sit down, so we created the highly successful coffee booth and lounges theme for Neosurf’s events.

Let everyone know you’re going to be there.

Get everyone excited! Use your social media and emails by putting up an event banner. Plan press releases and put teaser announcements on LinkedIn. And consider setting up a shared calendar for scheduling meetings at the event (you can use an online tool like Calendly).

Coffee cup on table at networking event

Brief all the people involved.

The key to success at any event is organisation, so it pays to make sure everyone knows what their role is and what’s happening when. Make sure your whole team is clear on your objectives, the messages and what is expected of them when they are on the booth. Schedule regular breaks so that the booth is always manned at busy times but everyone is always fresh as a daisy. It’s also worth designating a stand manager to be in charge on the day and ensure the schedule runs smoothly.


People smiling at event

It might sound obvious but make sure you all look happy and engaged. Nobody wants to talk to somebody looking at their phone because they would rather be doing their day job! Plus, stands are like restaurants - a busy stand pulls in even more people; nobody wants to step into an empty booth. Look delegates in the eye, smile and you might just be taking the first steps into a beautiful new client relationship.


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