We understand your business

Amack has tried and tested expertise in understanding the requirements for sales growth.  We have a broad-skilled group of strategists, marketing heads and sales teams, working through lead generation and qualification, to bring your sale or deal to completion.

We specialise in SMEs and finance sectors

We have specialised knowledge of SME and finance markets.  Our network of relationships can bring you exciting new partnerships to further grow your business.

We can get things moving for you

The businesses who benefit most from our services are those who are at the new product stage, changing direction, or at start up; at a crossroads when employing a full time sales and marketing business development team would be expensive and premature.  We fit the gap to get things moving.  Although part-time and outsourced, we become incumbents to best represent you.

The key elements of what we deliver are:

Sales Strategy

Sales and marketing strategy

Identifying your channels, targets and approach, working with you on your propositioning.

With some clients our senior consultants sit as Non-Executive Directors and/or Advisors to the Board.


Lead generation

Both for direct clients and partners, working as a professional team to talk on your behalf having established a clear understanding of your needs.



Finding, engaging with and supporting the completion of business partnerships between our clients and smart/complimentary other businesses. These partnerships are often mutual, with support of mutual customers services.



We understand the fast-paced, chaotic environments you work in, and can help you identify the best routes to generating new and recurring revenue in a streamlined, agile way.

Using an innovative proactive approach we deliver a fresh perspective on your business without you having to do the research first. The Third Eye Programme allows us to think laterally and suggest the best strategies to further your business.


Read more about the Third Eye Programme.


We deliver business development that can be measured.  We build a position either for on-going outsource or for handover to an established, or newly recruited, team.

  • Strategic thinking

  • Position planning

  • Business modelling

  • Board level presentations and workshops

  • CRM

  • Creative

  • Analytics

  • Social media execution

  • Outbound cold calling at senior levels

  • Sales qualifying

  • Face-to-face relationship management

  • Negotiations and contractual completion