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Amack Consultants © Nigel Chapman Photography

What We Do

Amack Consultants © Nigel Chapman Photography

Why we do it

Mostly because helping SMEs grow and develop makes us happy. We’re inspired every day by the brilliant ideas and solutions our clients have come up with and helping them take those innovative products out to the world is what delights us most in life.

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Our expertise is in three main areas:

Lead generation

Having established a clear understanding of how your business works and what your aims are, we’ll talk directly to your potential customers, to fire up interest in your product or service and set a pathway for sales. If you like, we can then take your leads all the way to completion and manage delivery and ongoing care.

Network development

Our team members come from a range of successful backgrounds so we have a high quality of networks across many sectors, and can help you either sell to them or partner with them to share customer bases. We offer introductions to our networks, always designed thoughtfully to ensure you’re put in touch in a relevant context and in an authentic way. Then we step back and let the magic happen.

Sales and marketing strategy

We identify your channels, targets and approach and coach you in pitching to would-be customers. For some of our clients, one of our senior consultants will sit as a non-exec director or adviser on their board, so we’re with you every step of the way.

Amack Consultants © Nigel Chapman Photography

We’ll give you expert advice on making first contact with your target audience. We then work with you on identifying those customers and can even make the first overtures if you like.


Next, we’ll let one of our sales negotiators work out how you can tailor your product or service to fit your client’s needs and budget.



Finally, a project manager will take your project to client delivery and maintain that support for as long as you need it.

Our service

We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs, but here’s a brief, three-step guide to our basic process.

Amack Consultants © Nigel Chapman Photography

More ways we can help

Amack offers a range of services and products for your business. Here are just a few ideas of ways we can help...

  • Sales pipelines

  • Lead qualifications

  • Channel strategies

  • Performance measurement and reporting

  • Sales plan templates

  • Management coaching

  • Lead generation skills training

  • Sales training

How we do it

We understand your business

Amack is made up of strategists, marketing heads and sales teams who bring their combined experience and understanding of the requirements for growth to your job. They’ll take time to get to know your business inside out, and then use their experience and skills to create a plan tailored to you.

We are specialists

We don’t think you can be all things to all people, which is why we focus on the SME, finance and tech sectors. Our network of relationships within this market is there to help your business grow organically, too.

We are proactive

We’ve noticed that most of the work consultants do is ‘reactive’. Clients come to them with their problems, which they help to solve. That’s all well and good but we aim to offer a proactive service. We take a broader view and think laterally to give you new insight and ideas. It’s easy for business owners to focus so hard on running their business they become too ‘locked in’ to the day-to-day. What time spent with Amack offers is a look at the long-game from people with an expert eye.

We get things moving

Many of the businesses we work with are at a crossroads, either starting up, changing direction or launching a new product. Others are simply at a point in their growth at which employing a full-time sales and marketing team would be too costly and unnecessary but they still need that bit of extra help. Amack can bridge that gap for you, bringing you sales and marketing help just when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Amack acts as the jam in the sandwich between you and your client; we’ll bring you together and make this a sweet experience for you both.

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