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SME National Business Awards 2022 - Partner
National Business Women's Awards 2022
Amack Consultants © Nigel Chapman Photography

The Team


We’re creative, smart people and we like to show you ideas that are both exciting and clever that we don’t think you’ll have considered.


We’ll never waste time doing things for you that you can do yourself and we’ll tell you if we think you could be using your budget better with us. We get a real kick from seeing our clients grow and we see your successes as ours, too.


We think that age is just a number but true wisdom comes largely with experience, which is something new businesses often feel they’re missing. Amack’s team has years of combined experience in strategic and commercial positions at key blue chip companies and we’ll bring all that knowledge and experience to your business just when you need it.


In business speak, we’d say we were ‘lean and driven’ but we think our success is mostly about simply being tenacious and getting the job done. We’ll identify the right strategies for your business and will then be hands-on about managing those strategies through to completion, so you’ll always have our support. We know how to get you where you want to be, fast.

Who we are

If we had to describe our business in four words, they’d be:

A brief history of Amack

Here are the people who make all the magic happen. From strategists and sales people to consultants and client relationships managers, we’ll find the perfect match for your business. Click on each team member to get to know them a little better.

Andrea founded Amack in 2013, with a plan to build a small consultancy that would advise boards and management teams of small businesses in the same way she herself had been helped throughout her career. She then planned to retire to a nice, comfy non-exec director role. Fortunately, it all went horribly right and Amack has become a happy team of more than twenty people working together. Andrea’s currently having too much fun and her retirement plans are on ice.

Meet some of our friends...

We’re a talented bunch if we say so ourselves

Want to see what we can do for your business?

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