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The Third Eye Programme allows you to bring any of the Amack consultants' hub into your business and have us take an objective look at what could change for the better.


Most of the work business consultants do for their clients is what I call Reactive Consultancy - Clients come with specific problems such as the need to identify and target high-level decision-makers, and consultancies solve that specific problem for them. Our service is Proactive Consultancy, where we work with you and will take a broad view and often think laterally, to bring you fresh insights.


Amack Consultants brings together a hub of very smart, experienced and hard working individuals that often work together to deliver amazing results - just like the Zebras do out in the wild.

Andrea McGeachin, CEO
Successful business people like you are totally focused on running your business. This often leads to 'locked-in thinking' - the inability to take a long, hard, objective view of your strategies.


The Third Eye Programme takes a short, deep dive into your business and the market it inhabits, allowing us to:

  • Pinpoint solutions and opportunities you've never considered

  • Suggest possible new markets

  • Create new revenue streams

Here are some examples of some of our recent projects:

Created a team structure, built a sales and marketing strategy and execution plan,  positioning them to take on the new #1 competitor. Neosurf now has a strong team around the world being #1 in some markets and a strong #2 elsewhere.


Neosurf SAS suddenly became #2 in the market with the acquisition of a competitor but had zero Commercial resources


Create a one-stop online service giving loan offers within 24 hours and cash paid out within 48 hours
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How to enable small businesses needing cash who have been turned down by their banks to gain speedy access to loan finance



If you are interested in entering into the Third Eye Programme with us, here's how it works:

  • We offer you an initial one hour pro bono introductory meeting to discuss your business

  • Following this you will be sent a set of questions relating to your business

  • After consideration you will receive a response stating whether or not we feel the Third Eye Programme will be beneficial to your business

  • If yes, we negotiate terms and we commence the programme