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Why Brand Anniversaries Matter

Balloons and streamers at the ready… If your business has a birthday or other special day coming up, we think it’s worth taking the time to celebrate. Everyone likes a party but there are many more reasons to mark that corporate anniversary. Here are just a few…

Office celebration

It’s a chance to build brand awareness

Shouting about your big business birthday is also an opportunity to shout about what you do to potential clients.

You can show off your track record

It’s a sad fact that 60% of SMEs fail within their first year, so a business that has made it to its first, fifth or perhaps even tenth birthday has achieved something to be proud of and will stand out next to their competitors.

It’s a moment to reflect and re-energise

Marking an anniversary is a chance to think about your business’s core values, to consider how you can keep them relevant and fresh and let your potential clients know what’s important to you. It’s also a chance to inject new energy into your business with fresh ideas and projects that send out a message of potential to your prospective clients.

You can take the opportunity to thank people

That means letting your employees know you’ve appreciated all their hard work, giving you the chance to spotlight individuals. It’s also a good moment to let your clients know how much their loyalty has meant.

You can drive engagement

However you choose to mark the occasion, it's a chance to get your customers, old, new and yet to be, involved in your celebration and hopefully in your business.

Making a champagne toast

How to throw a party for your business birthday

We hope we’ve convinced you to mark your brand’s anniversary. But what to do for the big day itself? Here at Amack, we’re currently working on plans to celebrate a major client's upcoming big anniversary with them, so we’ve been giving this some thought recently. Here are a few ideas for ways you might like to celebrate.

Throw a party!

You don’t need to go overboard here. Your business may be your baby, but (and we mean this with love) it isn’t anyone else’s. That said, who says no to cake? Marking the day with low-key bubbly, balloons and a buffet promotes good feeling among your staff, and if you happen to have clients in the building that day, they’ll be happy to be offered a slice of cake with their coffee.

Celebrate online

You could design an anniversary banner for your homepage for the month, or update your logo to mark the day.

Launch something new

An anniversary is a great time to unveil a rebranding or a new logo. Or, if you have a big project in the pipeline, why not surf on the wave of good feeling around your anniversary and announce it on the day?

Look to the future

Show your team and your customers that you’re confident and in this for the long-haul by announcing future plans on your anniversary. Whether you’re hoping to expand or diversify, a special day is a good time to set your intentions and get everyone on board.

Be social

Use social media to mark the day. As well as a simple ‘happy birthday to us’, offer something a bit quirky with some new content, perhaps. Another social media meme that works well is an ‘on this day’ type post, where you tell your audience what else happened on the day your brand launched. It could be something from the news, or a celebrity your business shares a birthday with.

Give something back

Hold a volunteer day, giving your team a chance to do something a bit different and give something back to your local community.


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